Our full service travel agency for business travel that can assist you with all of your business and personal travel needs.
We are available and ready to help you plan your travel & leisure needs, business trip, business tour or group tour. We can answer your simple travel questions, as well as help you with your complex travel needs.
Thanks to long-term partnership with airlines, hotel chains, transportation companies, service suppliers and a professional personnel team specialized in business travel service, Easy Indochina Travel Corp has gained great prestige as one of the leading Business Travel Services provider in Vietnam for multi-nationality tourists on business purposes combined with leisure and entertainment add-on services.
We are able to offer a comprehensive range of excellent services for your business trip and many value-added services to provide business travelers with relaxing and entertaining moments after business hours. All are provided under our High Travel standard to ensure a satisfactory business trip in Vietnam

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Appointments and meetings with local businesses and government agencies:
Arranging a program of extensive appointments and confirming a series of meetings with local key contacts normally identified by our officers.
Appointments and meetings with special characters.
Trade promotion: 
Providing market access information, Identification of potential local contacts in various sectors for foreign clients & match-making them together.

- Arranging for translation, interpretation, temporary business centre facilities, office space, or professional services such as in-depth market research consultants.
- Organizing logistical support for market visits i.e. hotel booking & transportation or other services such as obtaining tender documents, attending tender opening if required etc.

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