For me, several things about Vietnam stood out immediately. Firstly the food; it is delicious and I ate so much of it! Secondly was Vietnam’s rich history; the country has been fought over countless times by a number of powers, but through it all, the country has emerged with a strong sense of its own culture. Lastly, I was moved by its diverse landscape and beautiful architecture; a stunning blend of influences from so many cultures.
Some travelers said to me: Vietnam is a various destination, mountain, beach, bay….it’s mean various about the trip. The tourist can choose adventure tour to combine relax tour, and the most for adventure tour is biking tour. 
My friend went to Vietnam last month, they chose Easy Indochina Travel to arrange the services for them, special biking trip around 10 days from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Noi Capital. They said “wonderful and perfect” make me want to take a trip like this immediately