Food is at the heart of Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world as it mixes together a range of flavors and tastes. Traditional Vietnamese dishes are varied, distinct and are comparatively low in fat and high in carbohydrates. 
From the North to The South, each location carry different unique traditional taste style, all contributed to the rich and diverse food culture for Vietnam. 
If North Side we have “Pho” (Chicken & Beef Noodle) is special and popular. “Pho” is one of the represented dishes for traditional cuisine in Vietnam, the main component of “Pho” are “banh pho” and “nuoc leo” or soup with thin slcies of beef or chicken. In addition, “Pho” eats together with some spices as chili sauce, lemon, fish sauce, shelf, basil and coriander to increase the feature flavor of “Pho”. Normally, “Pho” is used for breakfast, but in some large provinces this dish is enjoyed all day
Middle Side we have” Bún Bò Huế” (Hue Beef Noodle) and “Bánh Bột Lọc” (Vietnamese Dumplings). “Bun Bo Hue” is specialties of “Hue” in central region. Although anywhere in Saigon also sells “Bun Bo Hue” the flavor has a little bit different with the featured tastes of people in “Hue”.
“Bánh Bột Lọc” (Vietnamese Dumplings: is made from rice flour and the fineness of processors with the blending more abundant.
South Side we have “Hú Tiếu Nam Vang” (Nam Vang Noodle Soup). “Hu Tieu Nam Vang” has sweet of pig bone, shrimp, the bold taste of minced meat is not only delicious but also attract diners by the dark brown of liver, white of quail eggs, red of shrimp and green color of chives leaf and celery.
And both of normal food in Vietnam, along the S shape is “Banh Mi” and Coffee. The local people used it for breakfast.
Coffee was also introduced, and today Vietnam is one of the largest producers and exporters of coffee in the world. However, the Vietnamese drink their coffee sweetened with condensed milk, and is often enjoyed iced.
The differentiation of Vietnamese sandwich with sandwich of other countries at the flavor by the blend and mixed between components in Vietnam such as pork pate, cucumber, green onion, chilly, pickled carrots, fried eggs, grilled pork meat, grilled chicken meat and tomato sauce for increase the specific flavor of Vietnamese sandwich.

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