1. Pha That Luang
Should you visist Laos, you absolutely need to visit this Buddhist Stupa, which has become national symbol of the country.  Since then, it has lived, died and recovered all along with the history of Laos. The stupa is glazed completely with gold shining days by days magnificently and proudly. How gorgeous!

2. Wat Si Saket

This is Vientiane’s oldest surviving temples. The unique features of this temple are both in all the Buddha statues and figures and the ordination hall with flowered ceiling, as well as view the several Buddha images at an altar.

3. Wat Si Mung

It is believed that this one of the best temple in Southest Asia has massive good luck power. When you are in bad luck, come here and make a wish. And remember to return for send a thank if the wish come true or your luck will be taken back.

4. Haw Pha Kaew
Since Haw Pha Kaew Temple was built in the sixteenth century, it has been living with a legend about a sacred item. Come to this temple, you can not only discover the story behind it but also see many priceless Buddhist artifacts on display.

5. That Dam
That Dam, which means the black stupa in Lao, is an imposing and mysterious landmark.  All bricks crumbling, all the place being covered with moss and weeds creates a curious and fascinating sight.

6. Patuxai
Different from those attractions above, this monument is not related to religion. It was built to commemorate fighters against French Colony for freedom in the past. It owns four towers overlooking four pools and is decorated with mythical creatures.

7. Laos National Museum

This cultural and historical building gives tourists images of Laos from the beginning of the country to its Independence. Visitors will surely find this museum interesting with dinosaur bones, sandstone sculptures old Hindu god Shiva to machine guns and black and white photos old guerrillas fighting U.S backed troops before the Independence.
Now do you agree with me that this city deserves to be in your travel list? Laos Classic Tours always welcome you!