Vietnam is a very extend country, the most relax, comfortable and enjoyable way to get around Vietnam is by train. Not only are the sleeper beds comfortable enough to get a proper night's sleep, but the scenery is beautiful and the contrast to a hot drive on Highway 1 is huge. 
The main train line runs North-South from Hanoi to Saigon and the tourist train from Hanoi to Lao Cai province.
If you’re planning to take an overnight train in Vietnam or are simply curious about long distance train travel in Asia, you’ll find this list of ‘things to know before you go’ useful.
The ticket on train: Train travel in Vietnam is reasonably comfortable, with most carriages coming with A/C and some level of onboard entertainment. All trains have a dining car with simple snacks and beer which is a nice place to pass an hour or two, and the sleeper cars are fairly comfortable
Tickets are sold in 4 classes that get progressively more expensive:
Hard Seat: Simple wooden benches and open windows - no A/C. We'd recommend not taking this on a long the journey, and definitely is not overnight.
Soft Seat: Reclining chairs in an A/C compartment. Although slightly battered looking the seats are fairly comfortable and easy to doze in during daytime trips.
Hard Sleeper: With a thin mattress these beds are a little hard but still not bad, and far more comfortable than a hard seat. There are 6 beds in a cabin.
Soft Sleeper: Though not luxurious these beds are comfortable enough, and there are 4 beds in a cabin
Trains in Vietnam are quite slow, which is good both to enjoy the landscapes by day, and to get some sleep at night.
The best way to get the best seat is book in advance. You can book online to get the seat when you have exactly your schedule.

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