Vietnam is S-shaped, with a lot of enchanting tourist attractions, ranging from spectacular mountains to stunning beaches and islands. With fascinating bays, charming beaches, bustling cities and amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Vietnam. In fact, there is enough to see and do to make sure that no couple gets bored for a century-long honeymoon.
Wonder where to go and what to do when it comes to a romantic honeymoon holiday in Vietnam? Let us know and Easy Indochina Travel will customize for you the best your honeymoon in Vietnam are sure to provide some unforgettable & meaningful experiences to the couples.
Halong Bay: From Hanoi 3 hours get by car, Ha Long way is a perfect way to enjoy your honeymoon in Vietnam is to sail along the waters of Halong Bay.
Da Nang-Hoi An: the middle of S-shape, everything here is moving at a very slow pace, the purpose is for you to slow down your pace as well, to enjoy every little moment of your experience here. Close to the charming Hoi An and the Imperial capital of Hue, Danang is home to some of the country's most beautiful and isolated beaches
Phu Quoc: The Largest Island In Vietnam, one of the relatively new honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, Phu Quoc boasts of its splendid natural beauty and untouched remote beaches.

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