Idyllic Tam Coc in September
Beloved by many Vietnamese people, Tam Coc is given memorable names – “A terrestrial Ha Long Bay” or “Vietnam’s second nicest cave”.  Surprisingly, Tam Coc is a winning combination of rugged mountains, lazy rivers and mysterious grottoes.  Tam Coc belongs to the ancient capital of S-shaped land- Ninh Binh province in the south of Vietnam. If your departure position is in Hanoi, travelling by motorbike can take you about 2 hours to meet Tam Coc. Let’s explore Tam Coc with:  Easy Indochina tours and Vietnam

Do you know what “Tam Coc” means? There is an exciting point about its name. Tam Coc is “three caves”.  Because of including three caves-Hang Ca (127m), Hang Hai (60m) and Hang Ba cave (50m), it is widely known by the name “Tam Coc”. All three caves are natural products created by Ngo Dong river when it goes through huge mountains. If you are curious about not only Vietnamese pristine natural beauty but also Vietnamese past history, one more time, Tam Coc can satisfy you.
One unforgettable experience in Tam Coc is waterway and you fully explore Tam Coc by small nice boats. In September, when the change of seasons forces the harsh sunlight to leave Tam Coc, the autumnal weather here gets cooler and fresher. Going along the river by boat to meet Tam Coc, tourists feel more relax. In September, so stunning is the beauty of Tam Coc that you cannot take your eyes off its. In the early morning, Tam Coc sleeps peacefully in a thick layer of fog. When the sun sets, the weak sunlight removes this thick layer of fog so that Tam Coc appears beautifully. Coming Tam Coc in September, don’t miss this scene. Easy Indochina travel reviews

Mysterious caves in Tam Coc

Another invaluable experience here is to explore three mysterious and breathtaking caves by small boats. When going into three caves, friendly local people immediately turn into skilled and well-experienced boatman. They also accompany with you in the exploding way.They drive you to three caves: Hang Ca, Hang Hai, Hang Ba in turns.
When visiting Tam Coc, you feel that you are having an adventurous trip, escaping from the real life and getting lost in a mysterious place.The air in the caves is quite cool and it is darker at the middle of the caves. What impresses you much are sparkling stalactites and stalagmites with the different shapes and colours like gemstones.They fall down from cave ceiling and sometimes they look weird or even ridiculous. Furthermore, the waterway in the caves is winding. Take care of your head if you go deep inside.

When going out three grottoes, sailing about further 4 kilometers, you reach a stunning “Fairy Stream”. So pure is water that you can see through to the bottom, some flocks of fish swimming and the layers of moss. If you touch into this pure and fresh stream, the relax feeling spreads in your arm and in your mind.

Foods in Tam Coc

When visiting Tam Coc or anywhere in Ninh Binh, do not forget to try some famous regional specialties in September, even in any time.  Goat meat is the first must-try food because it is cooked specially with regional favours by local skillful people. Another suggestion is delicious “Com Chay” (burned rice). It is a perfect combination of burned rice, beef, mushroom, tomato, onion or carrot. Eel vermicelli noodle is a special food here. Try it to have your own feeling.
A foreigner tourist who has ever visited Tam Coc said: “The intoxicating and idyllic beauty of Tam Coc leaves inside me a remembrance. I have a promise with people here. I will come back here when I have a chance”

Tam Coc warmly welcome all of you. What about you?