Vietnam is beautiful country, from the North to the South with rich culture, nature, beautiful landscape and beach.
For the beginning travelers- who are the first time to visit Viet Nam, certainly, they will have many question and assistance about anything in Viet Nam.

Vietnam Visa: The Tourist Visa for Vietnam must be issued before arrival and the typical visa is valid for 30 or 90 days. This is the most popular style of visa used by travellers to Vietnam. More a pre-arranged visa than a real visa on arrival, these visas is arranged through a travel agent in Vietnam who obtains a "Letter of Approval" from the Vietnamese immigration department. This letter is copied to you and to the international airport you're planning on using and when you arrive at the airport your visa should be ready to go.

The best time to visit Vietnam? Vietnam has two seasons - the hot dry season and the hot wet season. In the North, May to October is hot and humid with high rainfall; November to April is cooler and dry. In the far north, December & January can be particularly cold. Central Vietnam experiences hot, dry weather between January & August; whilst high levels of rainfall can occur in September, October & November. Southern Vietnam is generally dry and hot from November to April, and warm and wet between May & October, with the highest rainfall in June, July & August.

Destination: Vietnam is beautiful country and famous with much of destination from the North to the South. So, if you want to visit whole Vietnam, you have to spend more than 10 days with the package tour highlight Viet Nam. And the destination is depend on your style travelers, as adventure tour, cycling tour, honeymoon trip or relaxing trip. Please let me know your favorite, we will recommend you the destination suite to you.

How to book the service and what kind of Vietnam tour? With the beginning travelers, the best way to visit the new country is booking the package tour via travel agent. Whether you are visiting Vietnam as part of your retirement, for your honeymoon or simply for a good bit of rest and relaxation, the country is a great place to treat yourself - but only when you know where. Take advantage of the great value for money a tour company can offer while experiencing the very best Vietnam has to offer.
However if your visit to Vietnam is for a couple of weeks or less and you'd like to get more out of your trip than a quick look around a city before a long spell on the beach, you could really benefit from letting a tour operator with extensive knowledge and experience of the country take care of arrangements and help tailor your package to suit you.

If you're a budget traveller, a backpacker short on money but with plenty of time, you can join the group tour, the cheap tours available to budget travellers are normally geared towards economies of scale, with rigid itineraries, packed buses and a fairly generic feel, so little is to be gained by taking the pre-planned route.

Currency: Vietnam's currency is called the Vietnamese dong (VND). You will be expected to use dong for cash purchases is a rural area, but in larger centers, US dollars are accepted. Credit cards are accepted, though small businesses, especially restaurants may not accept them

Transportation: Vietnam has a comprehensive public transport system. Planes, trains, and buses cover the entire country comprehensively. For the planes or trains, if you're travelling over the Tet holiday you need to book as far in advance as humanly possible.

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