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Vietnam can be divided into three distinct regions, Northern, Central and Southern. All demonstrate a beauty of the natural setting which can be overwhelming. Thankfully, most adventure tours will take you through all three regions to sample the awe inspiring mountains and valleys in the north; the pristine deserted beaches and islands in the Centre and the lush vegetation and waterways of the the Mekong Delta of the south, as well as the hundreds of miles of deserted beaches that lie in-between. You can absorb the majesty of the paddy fields stretching to infinity and feast on the ever available fresh seafood a staple ingredient in the popularity of Vietnamese cuisine – probably caught just that day, it cannot get fresher or tastier!
Vietnam is much more than just a scenic paradise, it also offers a vast array of outdoor adventure activities to get involved in. You can cycle the length of Highway 1 which links the North to the South of Vietnam or take a ride along the Ho Chi Minh Trail made famous as a the supply route during the Vietnam war or climb on many mountains and escarpments with many routes previously unclimbed or recorded or kayak on rivers, lakes or sea orenjoy some outstanding trekking in the northern and central highlands such as Sapa or Dalat. These activities can be undertaken from a comfortable hotel or mixed with a homestay in hill tribe villages. The beauty of the country mixed with the challenge of the activities provides a truly hedonistic experience.
Our Nature and Adventure tours let you choose from many different adventure holidays in Vietnam, both for the highly active and also for the not-so-active. Choose Easy Indochina Travel’s Nature and Adventure Tours in Vietnam to take you through spectacular locations in Vietnam and even consider adding an extension to  Cambodia or Laos to see the beauty there with your own eyes. Each place provides new and exciting experiences, interesting stories to gather and it will be an unforgettable memory for you and friends old and new.

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