Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam for a thousand year of culture always attracts tourists with its ancient features and thousand-year-old culture. Hanoi capital has long been a center for political, cultural and technical sciences, and a major center for international and national economic transactions of Vietnam. A tour around Hanoi will leave visitors unforgettable memories from the landmarks, historic monuments to the delicious cuisine. Hanoi is a mix of busy modern life and sustainable values preserved for generations.

The city serves as a gateway for visitors looking for some adventure in Vietnam’s mountainous north and the rocky islands of Halong Bay.

Besides plentiful cultural relics as Temple of Literature, the first National University of Vietnam, Fine Arts Museum, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, and the Ho Chi Minh Museum  Hanoi boasts many scenes of beauty. The most popular ones in Hanoi are peaceful lakes. Standing around all the city’s lakes are great and high green trees with large shadows on sunny days. Also, they are sources of inspiration for artists. The famous Hoan Kiem Lake (mentioned above), West Lake, Truc Bach, Bay Mau Lake, etc., are the undeniable green, fresh, and peaceful beauties of the capital.

From discovering its rich history to sampling market wares and tasting fresh, complex, and delicious Vietnamese street food, the city offers all this and much more. 
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