Food is one of the top concern of tourists when visit other country and most tourists will refer about the cuisine of the country that they are planning to visit through channels such as Google, Youtube or food channels …
Vietnam is an agricultural country with a typical monsoon climate and split into three particular regions: Northern, Central and Southern. It is that geographical differences that have form culinary variations between each one, creating diversity in Vietnamese cuisine. Each respected region has its own appetite expressed in different names, ingredients, cooking technique, color,… to how to present and eat. It will gives the tourist the great experience when visit our beautiful country and hospitality.
It can be considered as the culinary cradle of the country, with the delicate taste and inclination to the quality of the dishes in each family or in restaurants from popular to luxurious. The food here, in general, the restaurant are usually focus on the special dishes of them. One of the top 50 most delicious foods on the planet according to CNN, Pho is the most typical. Besides that, tourists can find many delicious dishes and famous such as Coffee Eggs, Cha Ca La Vong, Bun Cha …that they don’t miss to enjoy when visit our country.
Meals on cruise in Ha Long Bay or coastal cities will favor seafood and the experience of barbecue.
Meals in the mountain cities as Sapa city is favor chicken dishes, salmon or dishes about the Pigs, Beefs… are made with a variety of local vegetables and spices to make a big difference in moisture for customers to experience here.
To get a closer experience of the food, you can join the Food Tour and Cooking Classes that will bring you a closer culinary experience.
This area also features Hue- the former capital of the last dynasty of Vietnam. Therefore, foods in the Central area of Vietnam are well-decorated with sophisticated culinary techniques and colorful bold of royal combined with royal music you can experience a day of your journey to visit this beautiful and ancient city of Hue.
Hoi An: The ancient cities was named a Heaven of shopping with many famous destination is also a great experience about the foods such as Chicken rice, Chicken noodle or “Phuong” bread. In the other hand, there is a lot of restaurant more than 300 restaurants to serve the tourists.
Along with restaurants, cooking classes combined with vegetable growing experience at Tra Que Vegetable Village or exploring the local Seafood Market will be a not bad choice for the ½ day experience here.
Foods of the South reflect the exactly open-minded and friendly lifestyle of the people living here.
Ho Chi Minh City was named a night city in Vietnam will be make you surprise when visit here with a lot of restaurant or café serve you overnight. Tourists can join the Vespa Tour, Food Tour or Street food with local guide will introduce you clearly and full experience here.
With our daily trip 1 day, 2 days or 3 nights visit Mekong Delta, the tourists will will experience the cuisine of the delta river with typical dishes with hot pot sauce or grilled dishes from local products such as Shrimp in the river or fish
In addition to the local flavors you can also experience European meals in restaurants in major destinations with experienced chefs. We will support the information when you search before the trip and always support the best information about Vietnamese cuisine to you.
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