Bokor Mountain is located in Kampot Province of Cambodia. The Khmer named this mountain is Bokor because the mountain looks like the hunchback on the back of the cow at a distance. With 1080m height, the pristine woodland and fog throughout the year have made it become the only resorts in Cambodia. Bokor is compared to Da Lat of Vietnam|
Nowadays, Bokor becomes destinations attracted many tourists from the country and abroad. Tourists come here for the fresh air, cool, fog throughout the year including the afternoon. In the French colonial period, this place became the resort for French senior officials. By the 1920s, the top Bokor was built into a resort including airports, restaurants, hotels, casino, bar and church on the mountain. Read more: Cambodia Tours
Currently, a lot of visitors come here to explore the surviving relics that the French created before.
The popular tour is organized by the Viet Nam tours companies such as:Ho Chi Minh City-  Phnom Penh Capital –Bokor -Sihanoukville. Most visitors pass through Moc Bai – Tay Ninh Gate. Bokor Mountain is a pristine tropical forest with numerous plants and animal species and with the great weather. The temperature in here is always 20 degrees. Bokor Mountain will become more attractive when the fog fully down and you can touch the clouds.
In the middle of the mountain, visitors can see Phu Quoc Island and islands in Cambodia. In the mountains, they can overlook the beauty of the lowland, Kampot market, Kep Beach. Going half way up the mountain, you will see huge boulder in the left that has eyes, nose like a man and residents supposed that he is the forest God protecting Bokor.
A destination that tourists can not miss is the Popovil stream. Stream has 2 floors, in the rain season, water pour very strongly with white fog. Then, the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort includes restaurants, hotels, casinos, theaters, amusement parks for adults and children with size reaching to10 thousand visitors.
In addition, there is the spiritual destination- the temple of the Wat Sampov Pram that next to the highest mountain edge. In front of the pagoda, there have 5 large rocks look like sailboats and a shaped rock likes the alligator.
“Dreary and mysterious but still great to any heart”, which is the emotion when people arrive to Bokor and then when you say goodbye to this land, there is attached to your heart.