Vietnamese cuisine is of course renown throughout the world. The use of fresh herbs, spices and vegetables are legendary.
Vietnamese food is healthy, simple to cook and downright delicious.
The Cooking class a half day will provide you with a hands-on lesson on how to shop for, and to cook, authentic Vietnamese food. First, you will come to the local Market to buy the needy ingredients and learn to choose fresh foods. You are taught to prepare for the cooking process by the professional chefs. 
Hanoi Cooking Center: The center provides daily cooking classes with many courses such as Vietnamese cuisine, street food discovery, etc. There are many cooking courses to enjoy in Hanoi, the chef will guide you how to cook several simple and popular dishes in Vietnam.
Tra Que Waterwheel Organic Farm Cooking Class in Hoi An: Tra Que Vegetable Garden is an organic herb and vegetable village located two kilometers northeast of Hoi An. In this tour, after exploring the central market, you get on two wheels and cycle through the garden.
In Ho Chi Minh, you can find many Cooking Class center special is The Vietnam Cookery Centre. It is open every day between 8.00am and 6.00pm. They operate a different menu each day meaning you can simply choose your favourite then decide which day to go.
In the Mekong Delta, the cooking class will be serves when the customer who stay at the Homestay. They can cook the local food with the local people there and enjoy your dinner.

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