Hue is ancient capital of Vietnam, has more tourist attractions that any other province or city in Vietnam. Situated on the banks of the Huong River, Hue is home to a series of war-torn temples, places of worship, and tombs and palaces. Many of structures and buildings in Hue are quite ruined, giving it the feeling of a modern-day Pompeii, despite of mass tourism.
In Hue, you should take one day to visit the special destination and popular:
The first visit is the Citadel, bounded area on the north side of Perfume River; four citadels were comprised to create the Capital City: Hoang Thanh (Imperial City) for royal palaces and shrines, Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Purple City) for royal residences, Dai Noi (Inner city) and Tran Binh Dai, which exclusively ancient architecture.

The Emperor Tombs: There are several tombs of ancient emperors scattering along the Perfume River: such as Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Tu Duc, each one is built in the traditional Vietnamese style of geomancy, even modifying the surrounding landscape to ensure straight lines, certain directional orientation, and other elements designed to comply with supernatural forces.
The best-known pagoda in Hue is the Thien Mu Pagoda, located on the north side of Huong River, just 3 km or so from the Citadel. Thien Mu Pagoda is the home is regarded as the symbol of the former imperial capital.
Besides visiting ancient monuments and tombs, coming to Hue, you can also have a chance to bath and lying under the sun on the most wildly beautiful beaches in Vietnam.
One of the most attractive is a boat trip along Perfume River; in which tourists can witness the splendid sceneries while enjoy Hue specialties and watching royal art performance.
The cuisine of Hue forms the heart of Central Vietnamese cuisine, has both luxurious and popular rustic dishes. With such a rich history, Hue's royal cuisine combines both taste and aesthetics. It consists of several distinctive dishes from small and delicate creations, originally made to please the appetites of Nguyen feudal lords, emperors, and their hundreds of concubines and wives.
One of the dishes that you cannot miss in Hue is “com hen”- rice with baby clams- a very simple and low-priced specialty. A bowl of “com hen” will bring you the sweet-smelling flavor of rice and herbs, mixed with the buttery, sour, bitter taste of spices, grease, baby clams.
From Hue, the customer can visit Hoi An Ancient town and My Son Holly land that you don’t miss when visit Central of Vietnam.

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