Sue Loughnan

Hi Mr Nguyen !
I just wanted to express my gratitude again for providing a wonderful itinerary filled with local experiences. Sadly Stuart was unwell for most of the trip so that did have some challenges but i do look forward to arranging further travel with you in Vietnam and Cambodia in the future. Just one point regarding Halong Bay. I also recall asking for a small boat and our boat took a maximum of 8 people. Given there were only 5 at any one time, if I went again I'd probably try to get a boat that accommodates 12 - 14 people to enable further socialising and meeting people. I loved all of our excursions but a stand out for me was Hue - the homestay was DIVINE and i loved the bile ride to the local home. I tried to post a review on your website but I couldn't get it to go through . I will be recommending you to anyone that is interested in a holiday in Vietnam.
Many thanks again
Date of Posting 2016-08-02 02:37:01
Posted By Sue Loughnan

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